Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Williamson County, TN

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Williamson County, TN

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Facing criminal charges can be traumatic for you and your family. As a result, finding the right criminal defense attorney in Williamson County, TN is essential to building a solid case. When hiring a Williamson County criminal defense lawyer, many people fail to realize that they are the clients and deserve the utmost respect. Furthermore, the attorney you choose should be well respected by the legal community.

Criminal defense you deserve

Regardless of the charge against you, you want the most capable representation possible. You don’t want an attorney who only handles routine traffic tickets if you’re charged with vehicular manslaughter. Consider the following additional information about how to find the right attorney:

  • Initial consultation: An initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Williamson County, TN can provide you with valuable information on your case and the individual you are thinking about hiring. However, it is in your best interests to choose someone who offers a free initial consultation.
  • Proceeding with your case: Criminal defense is an area of law that requires immediate action. The attorney you hire must be ready to take your case on without delay. He or she must proceed with your case immediately and begin working to build a strong defense. If your lawyer provides you with excuses or fails to take action, retain new counsel.
  • Experience: Few areas of law require the extensive experience criminal law demands. Your lawyer must have experience with local courts and law enforcement officials. Furthermore, he or she must have substantial trial and negotiation experience in criminal law matters.
  • Sole practitioner: You may not realize it, but there are several advantages to hiring a sole practitioner. First, sole practitioners are often more responsive than larger law firms because they have fewer clients to handle. Additionally, sole practitioners are ready to be contacted by clients day or night.
  • Communication: Good communication can often make or break a case. Your criminal defense attorney in Brentwood must be able to listen carefully to everything you say and also explain the law to you in an easily accessible manner.
  • Affordable: Contrary to popular belief, criminal defense is not unaffordable. In fact, many attorneys will even work out a payment plan that is convenient for you.

Adrian H. Altshuler is a seasoned trial lawyer who has extensive felony and misdemeanor experience. You can rely on our firm’s dedication to winning justice in your criminal case.

What makes a good criminal defense attorney?

Here is a list of some guidelines to follow when selecting a criminal defense attorney to represent you — no matter if the charges are for DUI, other misdemeanors, or more serious felony charges:

  • Your lawyer has to care about you: While this point may seem obvious, the best criminal defense lawyer will instinctively be aware of how much the charges will impact your life. A lawyer with the equivalent of a doctor’s great bedside manner is what is needed to combat your stress. Look for a lawyer who will bring out the best parts of your life to garner sympathy with the judge or jury.
  • Your lawyer needs to work fast: If you are in jail, you need a lawyer who will push a motion to set or reduce bail, or file a motion for release on your own recognizance to get you out of jail as fast as possible.
  • Your lawyer needs to consider the effects that a guilty conviction will have on your personal and professional life: Your lawyer can best advise you whether a guilty plea is in your best interest. If you have a professional license, it may be at risk due to a guilty plea. A good lawyer will advise you about all of the consequences.
  • Your lawyer needs to keep confidences: Criminal charges are often devastating to the client. You need someone that you can trust completely to keep your confidence and help repair your business and personal life.

Contact a criminal defense attorney in Williamson County, TN

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