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Tennessee statutes against drunk driving are intentionally severe.  They are designed to discourage those considering driving while under the influence of alcohol from getting behind the wheel.  They are also meant to discourage repeat offenses for those who have a prior drunk driving offense conviction—and have considerably harsher penalties for causing an accident while driving drunk.

Alcohol-related traffic crashes in Tennessee

Drunk driving accidents in Tennessee are a serious problem.  Between 2007 and 2017 (thus far), alcohol was responsible for 72,437 traffic crashes, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety.  More than 10,000 of those alcohol-related crashes resulted in fatalities.

Our own Franklin County experienced many alcohol-related traffic crashes during that same time period:

46 in 200746 in 2012
37 in 200850 in 2013
14 in 200943 in 2014
22 in 201040 in 2015
38 in 201122 in 2016

As of August on 2017, there have been 14 alcohol-related crashes in Franklin County this year.

Drunk driving charges

 Jail timeFinesLicense revocationVehicle seizure
First conviction48 hours (seven days if BAC is .20% or more)$350–$1500One yearDoes not apply
Second conviction45 days to 11 months, 29 days$600–$3500Two yearsSubject to seizure and forfeiture
Third conviction120 days to 11 months, 29 days$1100–$10,000Three to ten yearsSubject to seizure and forfeiture
Fourth-plus conviction150 days to maximum allowable for a Class E felony$3000–$15,000Five years (to indefinite)Subject to seizure and forfeiture

How a drunk driving defense lawyer in Franklin can help you

An experienced criminal defense lawyer experienced in DUI may be able to reduce the severity of your charges by carefully analyzing all of the circumstances and evidence related to your arrest, making sure that your rights were protected, that all tests were properly administered, and that the courts consider any extenuating circumstances or good history.

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