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The Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates is dedicated to using the law to help families overcome adversity and enhance their safety, security and overall well-being. This ideal becomes powerfully real in issues surrounding adoption and conservatorship, where the legal assistance we bring puts in place reliable safeguards for your most vulnerable loved ones. For more than 20 years, family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Adrian Altshuler & Associates have helped middle Tennessee residents who wanted to add a member to their families or protect a loved one in need. We’re prepared to help you with reliable service in the areas of:

  • Adoption
  • Conservatorship
  • Guardianship

Adoption services in middle Tennessee

We regularly assist families in middle Tennessee in adopting children privately or through adoption agencies both in the United States and abroad. Private adoption can also include grandparents and stepparents. We can help you untangle any bureaucratic red tape so you can give your heart and home to a child who needs it most. Among our clients are married couples, would-be stepparents and grandparents. During our years of practice, we’ve experienced the joys associated with finalizing an adoption. But we’re always mindful of the pain that can occur when a long-anticipated adoption fails because certain details, like a legal revocation of paternity from a biological parent, were overlooked. We’re dedicated to protecting our clients from that kind of disappointment, and do everything in our power to ensure your adoption is final and legally valid.

Conservatorship arrangements for declining adults

Conservatorship is a legal arrangement by which a trustworthy and capable adult assumes responsibility for decisions related to the health, welfare and finances of an adult with diminished capacity. In Tennessee, conservatorship can be established to handle housing, health and other decisions for an incapacitated adult. Either the same person or another can be appointed as a conservator of the incapacitated person's estate to manage and protect its assets. We ably handle all matters of conservatorship.

Guardianship authority to care for a minor

In a Tennessee guardianship, a person is appointed to take care of a child's needs—shelter, education, medical care and possibly financial management of the child's assets. Our family lawyers have experience helping grandparents, relatives and others legally care for orphans in arrangements that stop short of outright adoption.

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