Dec 1, 2021

Breaking Down Felony Drug Charges

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Earlier this month, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies executed a search warrant at the home of Chris Appleby, a 33-year-old Amish man in Lawrence, Tennessee. According to various news sources, there were enough complaints lodged by neighbors to justify the warrant. It appears that justification was right. During their search, law enforcement officials discovered about [...]

Nov 10, 2021

What Are the Signs of High-Conflict Divorce?

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There are many indicators that your divorce may be contested by your spouse. Physical abuse is the most widely recognized red flag, but there are often other signs that you could be headed for a contentious split. At the Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates, we’re ready for high-conflict cases. Often, there are [...]

Nov 2, 2021

Obsessed with True Crime Docs? It May Be Ruining How You See the Justice System

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While true crime has always been an obsession for Americans, there has been an increase in true crime influencers and online media in general. Netflix documentaries like Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer and American Murder: The Family Next Door give an interesting glimpse into how social media played a significant role in [...]

Oct 27, 2021

What Makes a Prenuptial Agreement Invalid?

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Requesting a future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement is not a sign of strife to come in a marriage.  There is a healthy and beneficial way for partners to initiate conversations about signing prenuptial agreements for future spouses; one of those ways does not include springing prenups on future spouses at the last minute. [...]

Oct 20, 2021

How Do Pardons Work?

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A pardon is a government decision that exempts someone from being punished for a crime. While the President (federal) or governor (state) has the right to pardon someone, the decision to pardon rests solely in the executive’s discretion. Once the decision is made to pardon someone or not, it is final and is not subject [...]

Oct 6, 2021

People Love Superheroes in the Movies, Not in Real Life

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It sounds like something out of a movie; a self-proclaimed “superhero” is patrolling the streets of Capital City with an affinity for hunting down high-ranking gang members and vowing to take on a serial-stabbing nemesis. Rather, it would– if the capital city in question weren’t Little Rock and the “superhero” didn’t post on Facebook asking [...]

Sep 29, 2021

Detangling Affairs: How to Purge Your Digital Life When Your Relationship Ends

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We recently wrote about protecting yourself at the start of your marriage by taking advantage of all of the benefits and protections that institution provides. A great many of those of advantages are conferred by comingling assets and consolidating bills (among others). Unfortunately, the protections and benefits of a relationship can become liabilities when that [...]

Sep 9, 2021

The Pros and Cons of a Plea Bargain

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Experienced criminal defense lawyers work aggressively to obtain dismissals of criminal charges and to suppress evidence that was illegally obtained or is improper. They should always be ready to try your case in court before a jury. Many times, though, lawyers work with the prosecutor to arrange a plea bargain. A plea bargain essentially means [...]

Sep 2, 2021

How Finances Affect the Decision to Stay in or Leave a Marriage

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Stable marriages involve many different factors. Love, companionship, loyalty, children, growing together, and intimacy are just some of the many reasons people stay together. Finances are another important factor, and they can make – or break – a marriage. Today, we want to look at why unstable finances can keep unhappy couples together, and why [...]

Aug 11, 2021

When Drunk Driving Is a Symptom

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The consequences for even a first-time conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol in Tennessee are quite severe. In addition to a criminal record, a DUI conviction means at least two days in jail and possibly up to nearly a year in jail. You’ll have to pay a large fine. Your insurance rates will [...]

Jul 28, 2021

SCOTUS Decision Limits Warrantless Entry for (Some) Fleeing Suspects

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In a blow against law enforcement overreach, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) held that there are Fourth Amendment limits on chasing fleeing suspects who enter their homes. The decision of the court was unanimous, and the decision of California’s First District Court of Appeals was vacated. The case was remanded back to [...]