What to Do if You are Pulled Over for DUI

Franklin, Brentwood & Columbia DUI Attorney Gives Roadside Advice

What to do if you’re pulled over for DUI in Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Lawrenceburg and Pulaski, Tennessee

From the moment you see that flashing red light in your rear view mirror, your mind should be on one thing: How can I limit the damage of this police stop? If you’ve been drinking, you’ve got a great deal at stake in how you manage your exchange with the officer. Since the Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates has handled DUI cases in middle Tennessee for more than 20 years, we have a few recommendations for motorists.

  • Be polite – Things always go easier when a citizen treats a law enforcement officer with respect
  • Cooperate . . . to an extent – Resisting reasonable requests or complying with a bad attitude can lead to an unnecessary escalation of the event. Hand over your license and registration graciously.
  • Understand Tennessee’s implied consent law – Under Tennessee law, anyone who drives on public roadways consents to a roadside sobriety test. If you refuse to “blow,” you lose your license for at least a year. And, you’ll be arrested anyway. If you do “blow” into the roadside Breathalyzer, you may still be arrested, but that test cannot be used against you in court. You will receive another test at the police station and those results can be admitted as evidence.
  • Invoke your Miranda rights – You’re under no obligation to admit you’ve been drinking or offer any other information that law enforcement can use against you. You have the right to remain silent, so use it!
  • Decline permission to search your car – This is an unnecessary intrusion upon your rights. Even if you are obviously intoxicated, there is no urgent reason for the police to search your car. Let them present their case to a judge and see if the court will issue a warrant.
  • Call a DUI attorney at the first opportunity – If you’re arrested, you’re allowed a phone call. Either contact a drunk driving defense attorney directly or call someone who will get a lawyer for you.

What to do if you are involved in a drunk driving accident in middle Tennessee

If the reason you’re stopped is because there’s been an accident, your stakes have been raised exponentially. If you injure another person while driving under the influence, that’s a Class D felony in Tennessee, which can result in two to 12 years in prison, license revocation of one to five years plus fines, court costs and attorney fees. In this case, you should contact an experienced DUI lawyer immediately. The Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates responds 24 hours a day to calls from Franklin, Murfreesboro, Lawrenceburg and Pulaski, TN.

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