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Family law matters can be among the most emotionally draining to pursue. Often, these matters involve difficult decisions that affect you and your family for years to come. During this emotional time, you do need to protect yourself and your children. This protection includes prioritizing the family assets you want to keep and understanding what claims you may have to your spouse's assets. Financial protection may include spousal support and child support. Spouses with children need to ensure there are clear child custody agreements that set forth where their children will stay and who is responsible for their long-term and daily needs. It is important to consult with a Franklin family law attorney.

When you face divorce or separation, child support or custody, this is the time to have the family law attorneys at Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates by your side to vigorously represent your rights. When it may feel like you cannot depend on anything, know that you can rely on our dedicated family law and divorce attorneys in Franklin who are committed to you and your case. Our Franklin family lawyer has been a strong advocate for spouses, parents, and children for 30 years. We'll explain your rights, prioritize your needs, and guide you and your loved ones to a secure future.

How can our Franklin family law attorneys help?

What types of issues do your Franklin family law attorneys handle?

Divorce in Franklin is primarily about determining how spouses can move forward financially when the marriage is over. If you've been married for any length of time, it's likely that you and your spouse have accumulated substantial assets. We help you identify all your assets, the income of each spouse, and the debts of each spouse so you can make a clear analysis of the following rights:

  • Asset division. We help you determine what assets you have including a marital home, bank accounts, and personal property. We're skilled at complicated property division issues including:
    • The division of retirement assets including the use of a QDRO
    • The division of an interest in a business
  • Spousal support/alimony. Whether you or your spouse may be entitled to spousal support.
  • Prenups/postnups. If you and your spouse entered into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, we review how those agreements affect your current financial situation.

We handle all types of divorces, including spouses who have:

  • High assets. Spouses who have accumulated valuable assets
  • High conflict. Spouses who can't agree on anything
  • Low conflict. Spouses who have little wealth but want a fresh start.

We work to resolve conflicts through:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • The collaborative divorce process

We're ready to try your family law issues before a judge when necessary.

What types of family law disputes do you handle involving children?

While divorce is about the splitting of a marriage, family law is about putting protections in place for both our clients and their children. The right family lawyer for your needs will help you craft a parenting plan that puts the best interests of your children first, and proves to a judge that your own interests are in-tune with what your children need. Our team of talented family law attorneys handles complex cases involving children, including:

  • Adoption/ Guardianship. Our lawyers are proud to help children in need find new loving parents, help new spouses adopt children from a prior marriage in certain cases, and ensure that the children have the legal protection they need in foster care situations and other family relationships.
  • Child custody. We help negotiate and litigate agreements that determine who has legal custody of your children (the right to make long-term decisions about education, health, and religious upbringing). We work to create parenting plans that determine where your child stays each night, how exchanges are handled, and the rights of your child to communicate with the other parent/spouse.
  • Child support. Your child(ren) has the right to be supported by both parents according to their ability to pay and the needs of the child. Support should be paid on a regular reliable basis. We seek to enforce orders when a parent fails to meet his/her spousal support obligations.
  • Fathers' rights / Paternity. We explain how paternity is determined when a dispute is raised about a father's relationship with a child in Franklin. We also are skilled advocates for fathers who want a caring and loving relationship with their child(ren).
  • Grandparent rights Divorce is often hard on grandparents whose loving bond with their grandchild(ren) is damaged when spouses divorce. We explain what rights grandparents have after a divorce and work to enforce those rights.

You can learn more about what a family law attorney can do for you by reading our FAQ page.

What protections exist when a parent relocates or seeks to change a court order?

Our Franklin family lawyer is ready for the disputes that often arise after the child custody and child support issues are initially resolved and made part of a court order. Some of the common disputes we're ready to handle include:

  • Relocation issues. We explain when parents can relocate, what rights the non-relocating parent has, and how family court judges determine what's in the best interests of your children.
  • Modificationsto child custody and child support orders. Some changes to custody and support orders may be justified if the health of a parent or child changes, a parent obtains a new job or is fired from one, or the child's needs change. We work to ensure orders are changed when there are true changes in the circumstances of a parent or child.

Can you protect spouses and children going through a divorce from domestic violence?

Sometimes acts of violence necessitate a spouse's filing for a divorce. Sometimes, a spouse or parent stalks or sexually abused another spouse, a parent, or a child. Our Franklin family lawyer represents both spouses and children who need protective orders against domestic violence and defendants who are charged with abuse or acts of violence.

How do you help spouses and children going through a divorce in Middle Tennessee?

For the last 30 years, attorney Adrian Altshuler has served Middle Tennessee clients in a wide variety of family law cases. Though each family and set of circumstances is unique, the common denominator is always a client in need of legal advocacy as well as emotional support.

At our firm, we understand that strength is contagious and that the energy and dedication we demonstrate in pursuing justice for our clients often gives them the confidence to proceed when things seem their bleakest. We make a commitment and a personal investment in your success.

We understand the importance of preparation. While we know that a swift and civil, if not amicable, resolution will ultimately be better for you and your children, we do understand that sometimes a trial is necessary.

Divorce is hard enough when the two people involved are both willing and ready to end their marriage. Even the most amicable splits can become contentious, however, when they don't have the right representation or planning. That is why finding the right Franklin divorce attorney is such an important part of the process.

Whether you and your spouse are debating a separation or ready to file for a divorce, our team of qualified divorce lawyers can help you prepare for the next stage of your life.

Do you have a Franklin family lawyer near me?

Our Franklin family law office is located at 219 3rd Avenue N.

We'll answer all your questions, make sure you understand all your rights, and be your advocate with your spouse. Many family law cases do resolve because opposing family lawyers understand how dedicated we are to protecting our clients.

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