The DUI School Education Requirement in Tennessee

Anyone convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics in Tennessee will suffer numerous penalties. They will have a conviction on their criminal records for the rest of their lives. Anyone convicted of a DUI:

  • Could be sentenced to jail for some specific amount of time
  • Will lose their driving privileges – normally for a year or more
  • Will have points assessed against the insurance record
  • Will be ordered to pay fines and costs
  • May be required to use an ignition interlock device

In addition, Tennessee provides that any person convicted of a DUI complete a course at an approved DUI school if they want to have their driving privileges restored, or if they are ordered by the court to participate in the program.

DUI school requirements

The state requires that the schools who offer DUI courses provide the following services.

  • Provide screening and assessment of the convicted person’s alcohol and drug dependencies.
  • Teach the students in the DUI school “The Prime for Life curriculum, an evidence-based, early intervention program.” This course should help students self-evaluate their substance abuse problems, provide for personal reflection, and help prevent future substance abuse problems such as getting into a car while intoxicated.
    • The curriculum leads students through the process of self-evaluation and personal reflection, helping prevent future substance abuse problems from occurring.
  • Include at least 12 hours of instruction.

The Prime for Life curriculum is used in many states and by the US Department of Defense. Attendees include those convicted of DUI and people who come to the program for other reasons including for voluntary self-improvement.

What is the “Prime for Life” curriculum?

Prime for Life courses are non-judgmental. They “promote inclusion, openness, and a lack of judgment. Instructors are carefully trained to create an atmosphere that makes it safe for people to openly explore, and inwardly examine how their choices are affecting their lives.” They are an evidence-based intervention based on current research on how people change.

Prime for Life claims the following benefits. Clients:

  • “Feel engaged and comfortable sharing their thoughts, feelings, and self-reflections.
  • Learn how the combination of influences and personal choices determine outcomes.
  • Learn how to make low-risk choices by using a simple tool.
  • Are given time to absorb and process the information provided.
  • Self-assess to identify their risk levels and current phase of alcohol and drug use.
  • Identify the things they value in their lives and make their own decisions about when and how to protect them.
  • Explore new beliefs and reflect on how those new beliefs may bring about positive changes.”

There are numerous DUI schools throughout Franklin, Columbia, and Brentwood. Classes are offered in-person and online. A database of schools can be found here.

DUI schools are a must for anyone who wants to restore their driving privileges after a DUI conviction. Of course, the best way to avoid having to take the course is to obtain a dismissal of the charges, an acquittal, or to have the DUI charges reduced to a lesser offense. At the Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates, we have been fighting, very often successfully, for DUI defendants since 1991. To learn your rights if the police charge with you a DUI, call our Franklin DUI lawyers at 615-412-1121 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment. We see clients in Franklin, Columbia and Brentwood.

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