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Apr 19, 2017

After the Fact: Modifying Your Divorce Decree in Tennessee

By |Apr 19, 2017|Divorce|0 Comments

Once you’ve finalized your divorce in Tennessee, you will have the final order from the court that governs the terms of your separation from your former husband or wife. Crucial to this process is a credible and experienced Columbia divorce attorney that will advocate on your behalf to ensure your divorce decree is the most [...]

Apr 13, 2017

Hit and Run in Tennessee—Penalties for Leaving the Scene of an Accident

By |Apr 13, 2017|Criminal Defense Law|0 Comments

Drivers have a civic responsibility and a legal obligation to stop and render aid if they have caused or become involved in a traffic crash. Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal in Tennessee. If there are injuries and property damage the penalties are significant. Whether it was a minor fender or an accident [...]

Apr 6, 2017

Drinking in an Uber is Legal in Tennessee, but is it Smart?

By |Apr 6, 2017|DUI|0 Comments

Despite Tennessee's strict penalties for DUI for drivers who are caught drinking and driving, drinking is perfectly legal for passengers. There are ten states in the United States that allow the consumption of alcohol inside of a vehicle, and Tennessee is one of them. These states allow passengers to drink from open containers of alcohol [...]

Mar 30, 2017

What is the Best Divorce Advice You Have Ever Heard?

By |Mar 30, 2017|Divorce|0 Comments

Divorce seems to bring out the wise guru in everyone. There are certain times in life when you are moving through a big life transition when it seems like everyone around you is full of advice. Divorce is one of those times. You may get some good advice, and you may get suggestions that are [...]

Mar 23, 2017

Bonnaroo: What to Bring and What You Should Leave at Home

By |Mar 23, 2017|DUI|0 Comments

As the opening day for Bonnaroo 2017 approaches, we wanted to share a bit of information about our local music festival, along with some tips that will help those who attend the festival make the most of their visit. First, let's start with the basics. The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival will take place June [...]

Mar 9, 2017

What NOT to Say During a DUI Stop to Police

By |Mar 9, 2017|Criminal Defense Law|0 Comments

You are driving along late at night and suddenly you see the dreaded flashing blue lights in your rear-view mirror and then the quick chirp of the siren signaling you to pull over. Your mind begins to race as you wonder why you are being stopped. And then you realize that you just passed through [...]

Mar 2, 2017

Understanding Your Rights in a Consent Search of Your Vehicle in Tennessee

By |Mar 2, 2017|Criminal Defense Law|0 Comments

Most Americans are familiar with their right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure if not from high school civics class, then at least from a good TV crime drama. Let's say you find yourself in the position of being pulled over by a police officer when you are driving on I-65 in Franklin on [...]

Feb 23, 2017

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Tennessee Divorce

By |Feb 23, 2017|Divorce|0 Comments

Divorce is a time of chaos and confusion with every decision having high stakes for the impact it will have on your future. Do you always make smart decisions when you are in a heightened emotional state? Probably not. That is why it makes sense to find a way to set your emotions aside if [...]

Feb 16, 2017

Bonnaroo Citations and Arrests – What to Do if it Happens to You

By |Feb 16, 2017|Criminal Defense Law|0 Comments

On the Second Thursday in June every summer since 2002, Bonnaroo has transformed the village of Manchester, Tennessee into a massive music festival teeming with thousands of enthusiastic people both young and old who come for the diverse line-up. This year, the festival will run from June 8-11, 2017. Whether you are into classic rock, [...]

Feb 9, 2017

Who Gets the Dog When People Divorce in Tennessee?

By |Feb 9, 2017|Divorce|0 Comments

If tears rush to your eyes at the thought of being forced to part with the family pet, you are indeed a pet lover. You will have trouble with the idea of your pet as property that will get divided among the furniture, the jewelry and the vacation house. In Tennessee, the court uses the [...]

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