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Experienced advocacy for spouses and children during difficult times

Going through a divorce, a custody fight, or any family matter can be gut-wrenching. Just when your heart and soul are most affected, you need to make decisions about your economic and emotional future and the futures of your children. The good news is that an experienced family lawyer can help you calmly and clearly navigate these difficult family law disputes. A skilled family helps you identify and prioritize the assets and income of both you and your spouse. An experienced lawyer helps you ensure your children can move forward with confidence and support.

The Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates understands the legal and practical issues involved when spouses separate or divorce. We help Brentwood residents adopt children when relationships work and support children when relationships fail. Our Brentwood family lawyer is admired by former clients and respected by other family lawyers. We’ll help you understand and assert your rights. For 30 years, we’ve been helping spouses and children secure a healthy and financially secure future.

How can we help?

What rights do I have when I divorce?

Your life will be different in many ways when you divorce. Financially, it’s more expensive for two people to lead separate lives than to live together. If you have children, you’ll want to try to keep the marital home. If you weren’t the breadwinner in the family, you’ll likely need help to pay your bills. It’s generally best if you and your spouse can resolve your differences without litigation. The good news is there are methods for negotiating settlements that protect your interests. When necessary, our Brentwood family lawyer is skilled at persuasively arguing your rights before a judge.

We’re your advocate in the following divorce matters.

  • Property division. We help spouses understand what assets each spouse owns or can claim. We then work to properly value those assets and to help you prioritize what assets, such as a marital home, you want to keep and which assets you might trade with your spouse. Our Brentwood family lawyer is skilled at handling all types of assets, including:
    • Retirement assets, which are normally split with the help of a QDRO
    • Either spouse’s interest in a business
  • Spousal support/alimony. We’ll explain when a spouse is entitled to financial support in the form of transitional alimony, rehabilitative alimony, alimony in futuro, and lump sum or installment alimony.
  • Antenuptial agreements. We help newlyweds and spouses prepare prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements that determine how assets are divided and how alimony is handled if the marriage ends in divorce.

We handle complex family divorces, including high-asset divorces (such as spouses with a home, a business, and retirement accounts) and high-conflict divorces (when one or both spouses refuses to negotiate or acknowledge the marriage is over).

Our lawyer is experienced at negotiating family law settlements with opposing counsel, mediating Brentwood family law disputes, using the collaborative divorce process, and trying your disputes before a family law judge.

How do you help parents protect their children?

We help spouses who separate or divorce determine who will have legal and physical custody of their children and how those children will be supported. We also represent parents who want to bring a new child into their family and counsel fathers and grandparents, as well as wives and mothers. We’ll help you and your child(ren) amicably resolve or litigate the following issues:

  • Adoption/ Guardianship. We help Brentwood residents expand their families through the adoption process by adopting stepchildren and adopting children from other parents or an adoption organization. We’re also skilled at explaining when and how your child may need a guardian.
  • Child custody. We understand the key factors that courts consider when deciding which parents should have sole or joint custody of their children. We are skilled at negotiating settlements that address the full range of concerns for your child’s well-being until he/she becomes an adult.
  • Child support. Tennessee requires that parents provide for their child’s needs after a divorce or separation. We’ll help you understand how much you should receive or pay depending on the income of each parent, the number of children who need financial support, and related issues such as health insurance for your child(ren).
  • Paternity/Fathers’ rights. When the paternity of a father is in dispute, we’ll explain the legal and scientific process used to establish paternity. When fathers want to take an active role in their child’s life, we advocate for these caring fathers so they can have as strong and loving a relationship with their child(ren) as possible.
  • Grandparent rights. Sadly, when children divorce, the need for parents to participate in their grandchild’s life can get lost in the shuffle. We explain what rights grandparents have to visit with their grandchild after a divorce or separation – and help grandparents assert those rights.

We have a FAQ page to help answer many of your family law questions. We do recommend you contact us for a free initial consultation.

Can child custody orders be modified in Brentwood?

Once you go to the time and expense to establish a child custody or child support order, you’d like that order to continue for as long as your children are minors. When life happens and you or your spouse need to move, have health problems, remarry, or are hired or fired; you can seek a modification or a review of an existing court order.

  • In Tennessee, if a parent wants to relocate outside the state or more than fifty (50) miles from the other parent within the state, the relocating parent must comply with specific notice requirements. If an agreement can’t be reached (we help negotiate agreements), the court will decide what’s in the best interests of the child (we advocate for you).
  • Modifications. If there is a substantial change in circumstances, either parent can seek to modify a child custody or a child support order. Substantial custody-related changes include new health, school, or emotional needs of your child, remarriage or a new relationship, substance abuse issues, and other changes. Substantial support-related changes include new financial expenses for your child and changes in the income of either parent.

Do you handle domestic violence actions?

Spouses, parents, people in dating relationships, members of a household, and others may have the right to file requests for protective orders against domestic violence, stalking, and abusive conduct. We help victims obtain temporary and permanent protective orders. We also represent defendants when domestic violence or abuse complaints are filed.

How do you use your family law experience to help residents in Brentwood?

For 30 years, the Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates has helped residents of Brentwood and Middle Tennessee understand their family law rights and advocate for these rights in court and through other methods. We understand how anxious and concerned you are about protecting yourself and your children when relationships end and when new relationships begin. We’re committed to your success. We treat each client like we’d treat a member of our own family.

Our lawyers focus on preparation. The more you understand your rights, the more evidence you have to support your claims such as proper values for your home or a business, and the more we can anticipate your spouse’s or family member’s positions – the better success we have at negotiating agreements and persuading judges of the merits of your claims.

Do you have a family lawyer near me?

Our Brentwood family law office is located at 1616 Westgate Cir #363 in Brentwood.

Our seasoned divorce lawyer has the experience and resources to help family law clients protect their financial and personal interests. We understand why finding the right Brentwood divorce attorney is critical to your success.

A caring family law and divorce lawyer in Brentwood, Tennessee

We understand the emotional trauma of a divorce. Our Brentwood family understands how difficult divorce and separation are for children. At the Law Offices of Adrian H. Altshuler & Associates, we work to address your worries, explain your options, review your finances, and assert your rights. To speak with a respected Brentwood family lawyer, call us now or contact us to schedule your  consultation.