Is Your Social Media Habit Crippling Your Criminal Defense?

Is Your Social Media Habit Crippling Your Criminal Defense?Whether you have been charged with DUI, drug crimes, or with any other type of crime in Tennessee, while you are waiting for your court date you might wonder whether it is OK for you to continue to update your social media accounts. The answer is no in the strongest possible way. You have been accused of wrongdoing, and your criminal defense attorney is working hard to do everything possible to represent you while the other side is doing everything possible to make sure that you are convicted. Why make it easy on the prosecution?

Everything you say and do is being scrutinized

You are under a lot of scrutiny, so if you think it is a good idea to make light of the situation and post updates about how things are going, mems about being in trouble with the law, or anything really, it can all be used against you. Tell your friends how important it is that they do not tag you in any pictures or posts until after your trial has concluded.

Stop using social media altogether

Even if you set all your accounts to private, whatever you post on social media is fair game for the other side. We are not just saying that you should not post anything pertaining to your case, or to the topic of your case, we are saying that you should not post anything at all to any of your social media accounts until your case has concluded.

Do not try to backtrack

You might think back to those pictures you were tagged in that were taken at that party that might have gotten a little bit out-of-hand, so you decide it would be best if you go in and delete those pictures from your profile. Do not do it. Deleting potentially incriminating images cold be considered destruction of evidence, which has serious consequences.

Do not frustrate the efforts of your criminal defense attorney by posting anything on your social media profiles while your case is pending. Continue to go to work, go to school or do your normal daily activities. Be smart about who you are seen in public with and take a break from snapchat and let your lawyer protect your right to a fair trial.

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