Pendente Lite Temporary Spousal Support in Tennessee Divorce

Pendente Lite Temporary Spousal Support in Tennessee DivorceMarriage is typically a partnership where each partner does their part to support the other. In some situations, one spouse is the higher earning spouse and they support the receiving spouse who may be maintaining the home and caring for the children. The days of one spouse taking care of the other spouse are quickly fading as two-income households are more the norm. In cases where one spouse supports most or all the financial needs of the other, when the couple separates in preparation for divorce, the receiving spouse may be left without a way to support themselves and any children they might have together.

Pendente lite is a Latin phrase that means “prior to the litigation.” Pendente lite is temporary support that will help to make sure that the receiving spouse and the children are taken care of financially while the divorce case carries on.

Temporary spousal support is determined at a hearing where other issues such as child support, parenting time and attorney fees are dealt with on a temporary basis. The court order from a pendente lite hearing will be in effect until the divorce is final, or if the order is modified before the divorce hearing. Temporary support is not automatic and not everyone will get it. Whether a spouse receives it or not is dependent on several factors in Tennessee law such as, the financial resources of each party, the length of the marriage, separate assets of each spouse, age, metal and physical condition of each spouse, and several other factors.

Working with an experienced Franklin divorce attorney will help make sure that you receive the legal advocacy you need when you are getting a divorce. You ae likely not aware of how divorce law works, what you may or may not be entitled to and how to protect your interests. If your soon-to-be-ex spouse makes more money and is more assertive than you are, they may try to get away with deceptive actions that your attorney can address on your behalf.

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