Do I Need an Order of Protection?

Is someone terrorizing you?  Do you constantly feel afraid and worried about your safety?  If so, an order of protection may help protect you.

What is an Order of Protection?

It is a paper signed by a judge that tells someone who is threatening you to stop it or face serious legal consequences. While the order is merely a piece of paper and can’t actually stop a bullet, it is nevertheless a powerful document because if the defendant violates the order of protection, he or she can go to jail.

Who can obtain an Order of Protection?

Orders of protection typically protect victims of stalking, domestic abuse, or sexual assault. However, certain criteria must be met. The order is only available for you against a person:

  1. To whom you are currently or formerly related by blood or marriage
  2. With whom you have resided
  3. With whom you have had an intimate sexual relationship
  4. With whom you have dated
  5. With whom you have a child (born or unborn)
  6. Who has stalked you
  7. Who has sexually assaulted you

How can an Order of Protection help me?

You can be helped in many ways by obtaining an order of protection. The order will stop the other person from contacting or calling you. You can have them arrested if they violate the order that they knew about. It can order the other person to move out. The order can also forbid the other person from possessing, owing or buying firearms. It can even order the other person to pay for some other place for you and your children to live. Finally, the order can also direct the abuser to attend counseling programs that address violence or substance abuse issues.

If you really believe you are in danger and are a victim of recurring violence, an order of protection may help you to keep you safe.

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