Jul27, 2015

Why Everyone Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

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Prenuptial agreements are not discussed as often as they should be. They are generally considered the province of the very wealthy; as such, the benefits of a prenuptial agreement are often overlooked and remain unexplored for most of the population. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and prenuptial agreements can […]

Jul20, 2015

What are the Real Life Consequences of a Misdemeanor Conviction?

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Misdemeanors are commonly considered to be relatively petty crimes with the maximum jail time of 11 months and 29 days and fines of up to $2,500 in Tennessee. Depending on the circumstances, an individual who is arrested for a misdemeanor may not end up serving any jail time at all, but the other consequences of […]

Jul13, 2015

How to Help Your Kids Survive Your Divorce

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Given how difficult it can be for mature adults to handle big changes in life, just imagine how difficult it can be for children to handle their parents’ separation and divorce. Their parents’ marriage provides the firm bedrock of safety and security in a child’s life. When a couple who has children is going through […]

Jul6, 2015

A Whipped Cream High Can Get You a DUI in Tennessee

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According to Franklin police, Anna Thomas, age 28 was charged with DUI after crashing her SUV into a mailbox on Battle Avenue. Ms. Thomas had allegedly inhaled the nitrous oxide from 13 cans of whipped cream to get high and then got behind the wheel at 9:00am on Wednesday, June 3rd. Ms. Thomas had allegedly […]

Jun29, 2015

Subsidized Permanent Guardianship of a Minor in Tennessee

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The foster care system can be a challenging and heartbreaking way for a child to grow up. Every day, young people age out of the system – that is, they grow up to the age of majority and are then left to function on their own without a family to support them, nurture them or […]

Jun22, 2015

What is the Process for Terminating Parental Rights in Tennessee?

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If you are a parent, just the thought of having your parental rights terminated could be a frightening thing, but in other cases it could be the first step to a whole new life for a child who has not had the love and care they deserve from their birth parents.

Terminating a parent’s rights puts […]

Jun15, 2015

7 Questions Smart People Must Ask Before Getting a Divorce

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When you go into a divorce fully informed about the process and the challenges you might face, you will feel more empowered. Taking the time to learn about how the divorce will affect you financially can help you plan for your future.

There are seven questions you should ask yourself and your lawyer before starting the […]

Jun8, 2015

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Drug Charges at Bonnaroo

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Bonnaroo 2015 is quickly approaching. The music lineup just gets better and better with each passing year, and the crowd that attends grows along with it. One thing that does not change is law enforcement’s commitment to keeping festival goers safe and in compliance with the law. One thing that has changed is the way […]

Jun1, 2015

What are the Advantages of Collaborative Law?

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It seems as if divorce is always associated with a lot of drama – fighting about who cheated, disagreements about money, who will get the children, and who will get the house – even when there is no drama to be found. What if there was a way that you, your attorney, your spouse and […]

May26, 2015

Getting Your Juvenile Record Expunged in Tennessee

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The teenage years are a time of rapid physical development, of testing boundaries and re-examining relationships with authority. In this often challenging time of life some kids get themselves into trouble with the law. Parents may have done the best that they could to raise smart, respectful children, but those children are also exposed to […]