Tips and Pointers for a Successful Child Visitation WeekendOne of the more complex points of your Tennessee divorce was probably determining your child custody schedule. Coming to agreement on something that works for both parents, and is also in best interest of your child or children, isn’t easy, and sometimes requires the help of a mediator or a divorce court. Typically, visitation schedules are designed so the child can have equitable time with both parents, but your schedules might differ depending on the best interests of the child.

Making the most of your time

Sometimes a child will spend the week with one parent and the weekend with the other parent. Or, the parents will alternate. There can be pros and cons to the weekend child custody schedule, but it’s most successful when you and your ex-spouse approach it in a united way.

We have some tips on making your weekend visits with your kids easier and more successful.

  • Keep a consistent schedule. Kids thrive on schedules; they make them feel more secure. Pick up and drop off your children at the same time, every time. Even on the weekends when there’s no school or activities, try to have at least a loose schedule.
  • Have common rules across households. If you can, keep open communication with your spouse and make a common set of rules that’s enforced across both households. This gives the children a feeling of continuity and security, as well as knowing that their parents are a unified front.
  • Create a family calendar. Just because the kids are with you physically doesn’t mean that you have full decision-making power about their activities. They may have a school or social event that was planned when they were with their other parent. You can set up a shared family calendar online to coordinate all events and ensure nobody misses anything important.
  • Start a new tradition. Traditions and rituals add structure to a child’s life and sometimes ease the anxiety of departure. If your relationship with your ex is friendly, you could have lunch or ice cream together when your drop the children off. Or give your children a special bag or pillow to bring to their other parent’s. Your tradition can be big or small, silly or meaningful.

Divorce can be hard for both kids and parents. Keeping consistency and communication strong regarding child visitation and custody can make things easier.

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