Tennessee is Number One – And it’s Not Good

The reports are out from the Federal government, and Tennessee hasn’t fared so well. Our great state is number one, alright – number one in violent crimes. Turns out, the Volunteer State hasn’t been doing such a great job living up to its charitable name.

According to the report, Tennessee ranks highest in the areas of:

  • Aggravated assault (we’re number one)
  • Murder (in the top 10)
  • Robbery (in the top 10)
  • Rape

For those of us who live in and love on Tennessee, these statistics are heartbreaking. But as criminal defense lawyers, we may not be as shocked as others in our area. We also see how the statistics can be skewed when the stats only show reported crimes – not the reasons behind them.

What the numbers mean for people facing charges

No one wants a safer Tennessee than the criminal defense lawyers within it – trust us. We see first-hand the heartbreak and stress that comes with facing a criminal conviction. We see how parents going to jail or even prison can devastate their children, and how incarceration doesn’t rehabilitate people who have made mistakes; it punishes them. We also see how a criminal record can destroy the lives of people by making it harder for them to get jobs, or making it impossible for them to vote. That’s why we do what we do. We don’t want the futures of the people we help to be jeopardized forever. With newer, stricter laws and an increased police presence, it’s likely that mistakes will be made in the criminal court system – mistakes that can have long term consequences.

So if you’re charged with committing a crime in Tennessee:

  1. Get a lawyer – fast.
  2. Say nothing; let your criminal defense lawyer do the talking.
  3. Be polite to the cops and the judges
  4. Be truthful with your attorney about everything.
  5. Trust in us to help you; it’s what we do.

No matter what charge you’re facing, we can handle it. That’s why you hire a criminal defense lawyer in the first place. You don’t have to do it alone, and neither does your family. With the right lawyer by your side, you’ve got a much better chance at having that future we’re fighting so hard for you to have.