The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer if Your Child Is Arrested

Has your son or daughter been arrested for underage drinking, vandalism, theft, DUI or any other type of crime? Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges, it is vital to your child’s future that you retain prompt and experienced legal counsel. Do not make the mistake of thinking your son or daughter needs to learn a life lesson and face the legal consequences alone.

Following are a few of the reasons it is of the utmost importance for you to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney if your child is arrested in Tennessee:

  • Your child’s rights may be violated — Regardless of the type of offense your child is accused of committing, and whether or not your child is in fact guilty, everyone has certain inalienable rights. By hiring an experienced juvenile defense lawyer, you can ensure these rights are fully protected.
  • Educational opportunities may diminish — Depending on the circumstances, your son or daughter may have trouble attending certain universities.
  • A criminal record can affect future employment — If convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, your child has a criminal record. A blotch like this on your child’s record can greatly affect the ability to obtain future employment.

In addition, your child may face jail time, community service, license suspension, fines and other penalties. A skilled Tennessee criminal defense lawyer understands how the juvenile court system works and strives to protect the future and freedom of your child.