Five Signs You May be Heading for Divorce

Five Signs You May be Heading for DivorceThe decision to end a marriage is always a tough one, even if both spouses are in agreement. After all, no one gets married in the hopes of one day getting a divorce. Over the years, we’ve found that there are certain indicators that a couple is ready to divorce, or at least ready to start thinking of it as a real, possible option. Every couple is, of course, different; but the more common signs that you might be ready to end your marriage include:

  1. You are no longer communicating in any meaningful way. Some couples can fight every day and still love each other so much, they could not dream of a life apart. Others, however, cannot. If you find that you and your spouse fight constantly, or no longer engage in conversations about your day or your daily lives (nor want to), you might want to take another look at your marriage. Remember, too, that not all communication is verbal. If you feel no real affection towards your spouse, or recoil when your spouse tries to be affectionate, you may no longer have a viable marriage.
  2. Counseling does nothing to help. Many couples try counseling before they divorce, and they should; if you still love your partner, then seeing an objective party might help you find yourselves again. When counseling becomes a chore, and neither of you has any wish to continue to go – and you’ve seen no real difference either way – then it might be time to talk to your spouse about divorce.
  3. One of you is cheating, and the other doesn’t care. If your spouse is unfaithful to you and you feel relief (or nothing at all), then it is likely that your marriage has reached its end. Many couples can overcome an act of infidelity, but it takes work on both people’s behalves. If neither of you wants to put the work in, then divorce might be your best option.
  4. You’re only waiting for the kids to grow up, or graduate, or move out, etc. We understand that many people make the decision to stay together “for the children.” Yes, divorce can have a negative impact on your kids – but so can staying together with someone you no longer love. Fighting for your marriage because you love your partner and want to make it work is one thing; staying together simply for the children is another. Both of you need to think long and hard about the reasons why you are together, and see if they are sustainable.
  5. You’re only afraid of being alone. Ending your marriage is a scary proposition – but so is a life of discontent and loneliness. If you stay with a person you do not love or respect because he or she is the devil you know, you are eliminating your chances (and your spouse’s chances) for true happiness.

The end of any partnership, romantic or otherwise, can be difficult and emotional. But it can also give you and your spouse the chance to grow in better and stronger ways. When you have tried everything and you still aren’t happy together, and cannot imagine a world where you might be, then it is time to talk about taking the next step.

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