A Deadlier Meth – “Super Meth” – Is Raising Alarms

New, dangerous drugs pop up on the black market all the time, creating significant health risks to users. One of these is a new form of methamphetamine (aka “meth”) which is currently ravaging East Texas. As a result, Texans in possession of drugs, in addition to manufacturers and sellers, are becoming the target of state and federal criminal drug enforcement actions. Anyone convicted of a meth drug offense can expect to serve years or decades behind bars in addition to incurring a felony conviction and significant fines.

“Super Meth” and its origins

According to a recent report by news site KJAS, a form of methamphetamine called Super Meth is gaining traction in East Texas. This type of meth is 98% pure meth, and is much more addictive than standard meth. The article reports Mexican drug cartels are responsible for manufacturing and delivering this new deadly form of methamphetamine in the East Texas region, and potentially throughout the country.

Meth use is at an all-time high

NPR reports that methamphetamine usage across the nation is at an all-time high. Meth is less expensive and more potent than ever. Individuals in rural communities are using meth more than ever before due to its increased availability, cheaper price, and a lack of treatment options for addicts. In addition, Mexican drug cartels are mass-producing this drug at a higher quality than ever before – Super Meth – and pushing it into new markets.

The JAMA Network Open published a study in January revealing that methamphetamine use has greatly accelerated across the nation in only the last several years, with positive urine drug testing samples increasing between 2013 to 2019 from 1.4 percent to 8.4 percent.

The DEA crackdown on meth and Super Meth

In February, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) revealed a new operation called Operation Crystal Shield. The operation’s goal is to eradicate transportation hubs for methamphetamine across the nation and prevent trafficking of this dangerous and deadly drug.

The agency is targeting eight notable hubs to defeat smuggling operations within the country. These operations are based in Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Houston, El Paso, St. Louis, and Phoenix. About three-quarters of all methamphetamine seizures conducted in the United States last year are said to have come from these locations.

Super Meth mixed with fentanyl

According to a story by Fox 8, DEA agents are discovering that the new, more volatile version of meth – Super Meth – is also being combined with fentanyl, another extremely addictive drug. Because fentanyl mixed with meth can penetrate into the skin, agents are required to wear special protective outfits and use the same type of specialized equipment firefighters use to enter structures where there is a lack of oxygen.

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