COVID-19 Is Impacting Women in Many Negative WaysWhile the coronavirus is rough on everyone, it is especially hard on women. Women are generally losing jobs at a higher rate than men. They’re often asked to be caretakers for parents and children, as many daycare centers are closing or unavailable. In a divorce, it can be harder to think about dividing property if it means either spouse might have to move from the marital home, which can increase the risk of virus transmission.

In addition to economic and emotional crises, Ms. Magazine states that experts are predicting a rise In divorces. “The pandemic is undoing decades of progress, reinforcing a breadwinner-homemaker division of labor for all too many women. When rising divorce rates get added to the mix, history teaches us the combination can be volatile.”

Some of the reasons the pandemic is hitting women, especially single or divorced women, harder include:

  • Many women are losing their jobs due to COVID-19. If a woman is married, then even if she loses her job, she should still have the support of her partner. If she’s single, the loss of a job could mean poverty.
  • Lack of daycare can mean loss of a job. Even when women can keep their jobs, they are being forced to quit, or reduce their hours so they can take care of their children who are staying at home (and learning remotely) instead of going to school.
  • Loss of health insurance. Many women have health insurance through their spouse’s policy. If their spouse loses their job, the other spouse loses her health insurance too. If she has insurance through her own job, she loses her health insurance if she loses her job.

Women are also suffering during the pandemic because they’re reluctant to traumatize children with child custody issues while they’re already dealing with the trauma of quarantine and illness.

According to Forbes, during the pandemic:

  • The majority of people who became unemployed in April were women. This is partially due to the fact that many women are service workers, and services are being cut.
  • Due to movement restrictions, domestic violence is rising.
  • There are more pregnancies.
  • Women are more likely to contract COVID-19 because the majority of healthcare workers are female, including about 80% of nurses.
  • For women whose only path out of poverty is education, being unable to attend school in person, is prolonging their time in poverty.

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