Jan 21, 2013

What Rights Do Tennessee Grandparents Have To Visit Their Grandchildren?

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Although parents usually get to control who has access to their children, under Tennessee law, judges may grant grandparents visitation rights if certain circumstances exist and certain findings are made. At least one of the following circumstances must exist for a judge to consider granting visitation rights: The father or mother of grandchild has died [...]

Jan 17, 2013

Property Theft Breakdown

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Many offenses exist in Tennessee that involve the taking of a person’s property. Theft is an all-encompassing term that involves many types of stealing. Theft is the taking of, or exercising control over, another person’s property without that person’s consent for the purpose of depriving the owner of the property. Theft does not involve the [...]

Jan 14, 2013

Facing Drug Possession Charges? Learn What You’re Up Against

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If you’ve been charged with drug possession in Tennessee, it can be a very serious matter, and the charges can include charges for possession of items you never thought about, such as drug paraphernalia. You can be charged with possession, even if you don’t have drugs on your body. You can be charged with drug [...]

Jan 10, 2013

What Rights Do Fathers Have in Tennessee?

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As a father, you have a right to remain in the life of your child. Numerous laws exist to protect the rights of fathers in Tennessee, as in many other states. These rights spring into existence in Tennessee when a child is born and can only be taken away from a father by a court [...]

Jan 7, 2013

A Little Tennessee Nail Salon Called Alimonys

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Pretty much everyone in Knoxville is familiar with the University of Tennessee’s former basketball coach Bruce Pearl’s ex-wife opening up a nail salon called “Alimonys” after their divorce. And rightly so, because when a couple is divorcing, the big “A” word is on everyone’s mind. Alimony — how much will I get?  How much will [...]

Jan 3, 2013

The Best of Tennessee? Elvis, Moon Pies and Progressive Child Custody Laws

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Tennessee has the best of a lot of things — Elvis, country music, college football, the Great Smoky Mountains, Jack Daniels, Moon Pies, and progressive child custody laws. During a divorce, one of the most agonizing decisions to be made is what to do about the children. When it comes to determining child custody in [...]