Nov 25, 2014

Keeping Safe and Sober on the Roads this Holiday Season

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This season when you gather with your friends and family for holiday festivities, getting home safe may not be foremost in your mind – but it should be. In the state of Tennessee, there were 6,928 alcohol-related car accidents in 2013 alone. Inebriated drivers are a hazard not just to themselves, but also to […]

Nov 18, 2014

Can You Really Be Charged with DUI When You are Not Driving Your Car?

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In Tennessee, the short answer is yes. Let’s say, for example, you are riding as a passenger in your car while someone else is driving, and that person has had too much to drink. If the police pull the car over because the driver has been swerving or driving erratically, and they charge the […]

Aug 12, 2014

An Update on the DUI Recidivism Act

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Tennessee has always had some of the strictest laws regarding DUI/DWI on the books. But in July of this year, the DUI Recidivism Reduction Act was officially passed into law. The aim of the Act is twofold: reduce the amount of repeat offenders crowding our county jails and prisons, and give those offenders the […]

Sep 23, 2013

Commonly Used DUI Evidence

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Whether your defense to your DUI charges will be successful depends largely on the experience and skill of your DUI attorney and also on the strength of the evidence of your guilt.
Common pieces of evidence used in Tennessee DUI cases include the following:
Blood and Breath Tests
Blood or breath tests, which determine the amount of […]

Aug 22, 2013

Underage Drinking and Driving? Don’t Even Think About It

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Underage drinking is a major problem in this country.  A recent study revealed that half of all teenagers had at least one drink by age 15, and that statistic rose to 70 percent by age 18.  Tennessee is not immune from the problem, either. According to the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness, approximately 243,000 […]