Even if You Keep the House, You May Be Able to Split the Mortgage

When a couple divorces in Tennessee, the judge splits the assets of the marriage – property, retirement accounts, cars – in a way that is equitable, though not necessarily equal. This ensures that each party is treated fairly in the eyes of the law. Because the last few years have been a difficult time […]

Factors the Court Considers When Dividing Marital Property

Is your marriage coming to an end? Before you and your spouse can part ways, certain issues must be addressed, including custody, alimony and the division of marital property. If you and your spouse are able to cooperate during your divorce, you can divide your assets however you see fit. However, if you are […]

Social Media, Detrimental to Your Marriage and Your Divorce

Social media sites are being blamed for breaking up many marriages.  A recent study revealed that one-third of all divorce filings in the year 2011 contained the word “Facebook.” While this is a startling statistic, it’s important to keep in mind that social media can have just as big an effect on your divorce […]

Toughing Out the Transition During and After Divorce

While the legal process involved in a divorce can be lengthy and stressful, the effects of divorce away from the settlement table can be even worse. After filing for divorce, you may mourn the loss of a spouse and companion as you struggle to adapt to a new lifestyle. After the final divorce decree […]

That’s Mine! Division of Assets During Divorce

One of the greatest sources of conflict in a divorce is the division of assets between spouses. In Tennessee, courts are concerned with the equitable distribution of property in a divorce.
As such, property is divided equitably between spouses according to factors in the Tennessee Code. Equitable division does not necessarily mean that every marital […]

What Is Your Permanent Parenting Plan?

Tennessee courts require divorcing parents to submit a permanent parenting plan before granting a divorce. One part of this plan is a custody schedule developed between divorcing parties. Your divorce attorney can help you create a custody schedule that meets your family’s need and is within the bounds of Tennessee custody and visitation law.
Your […]

Knowing Your Options: Legal Separation vs. Divorce

In Tennessee, couples have two options: divorce or legal separation. Which option is best? The decision between divorce and legal separation depends on your personal situation.
In a divorce, all marital rights are terminated. A divorce is only declared on grounds or irreconcilable differences (known as no-fault divorce). There are many grounds available including:

Incarceration for […]

Minding Your Child’s Mental Health in Divorce

It is no secret that children aren’t immune to the emotional impact of a divorce. Most people’s version of an ideal childhood involves two loving parents living under the same roof where children see their mothers and fathers each day. However, marriages are not always ideal, and divorce can be the healthiest decision for […]

Who Gets Rover?

John and Jane Doe have decided to amicably split up. They have simply grown apart, have no children, and thought their divorce would be easy. They both failed to consider, however, their spouse’s undying love for their dog, Rover.
Pet custody is one of the hottest topics in divorce law, and disputes over pets have […]

Family Business Tug-of-War

If you’re contemplating a divorce and you or your spouse owns a business, you may worry about how to get your fair share out of that business. While it’s not always easy, with the help of a lawyer experienced in property evaluation and distribution, you can make sure you get your fair share.
The first […]