Jun8, 2015

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Drug Charges at Bonnaroo

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Bonnaroo 2015 is quickly approaching. The music lineup just gets better and better with each passing year, and the crowd that attends grows along with it. One thing that does not change is law enforcement’s commitment to keeping festival goers safe and in compliance with the law. One thing that has changed is the way […]

May11, 2015

Heading to Bonnaroo? Understanding Drug Charges and Penalties in Tennessee

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Preparations for Bonnaroo are in full swing. Soon, festival attendees from the local area and from all over the country will soon be descending on tiny Manchester, Tennessee to have four rocking days of fun in the summer sun, enjoying the best musical acts and all that the four-day entertainment extravaganza has to offer. Unfortunately, […]

Apr27, 2015

What are the Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction?

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Domestic violence can take many forms. Behind closed doors at home, sometimes violence erupts from pent-up hurt feelings and hurtful words. Other times it’s a case of one person using physical strength to control a partner through fear and intimidation. Or maybe one partner is looking to get the upper hand over the other in […]

Apr20, 2015

What are the Penalties for Underage DWI in Tennessee?

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When an individual who is under the age of 21 is pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving he/she may be charged with Underage Driving While Impaired (Underage DWI). Since it is illegal for anyone who is under age 21 to purchase or drink alcohol, driving drunk is against the law for minors. A minor […]

Apr14, 2015

Punishments for Repeat DUI Offenders in Tennessee

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Getting caught driving drunk is a serious offense, which you already know because you have been through this already if this is your second offense. According to NHTSA studies, a person with a prior DUI conviction has 4.1 times the risk of being involved in a fatal vehicle accident. Another study reported that the chances […]

Apr6, 2015

Arrested at Bonnaroo? Here’s what to Do Next

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It’s no secret that a few of the more than 90,000 fans that attend Bonnaroo, the legendary music and arts festival in Manchester, TN each year will use drugs or get drunk while having fun at the show. The four-day festival attracts performers that are well known along with more up-and-coming acts who perform in […]

Mar23, 2015

Tennessee Increases the Number of DUI Arrests

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The numbers are in from 2014, and DUI arrests are on the rise in Tennessee. A recent report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation states that 29,544 were arrested in 2014 for DUI, an increase of 639 people from 2013. Of the cases which went through the court system, 88% were either convicted of DUI […]

Mar19, 2015

New Bill Seeks to Eliminate Loopholes in “Cooling Off” Period

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The Tennessee House Criminal Justice subcommittee is looking to create a new bill that would close any loopholes in the mandatory “cooling off” period for those charged with domestic violence. Sponsored by Representative William Lamberth (R-Cottontown) and Senator Steven Dickerson (R-Nashville) the amendment would eliminate a judge’s right to waive the mandatory 12 hour jail […]

Mar16, 2015

Protecting Yourself at Bonnaroo This Year

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We are only a few short months away from Bonnaroo 2015, and the line-up looks incredible. Ticket sales have been non-stop since the Manchester festival was announced, and it is likely that this year’s festival numbers will be higher than ever.

That means that at least 70,000 people (and potentially even more) will all convene for […]

Feb11, 2015

Get Your Tickets TO Bonnaroo, Not AT Bonnaroo

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The lineup for Bonnaroo 2015 is going to be announced soon, and people from all over the country will be planning their visit to the 700 acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee to enjoy the festival. Four day long concerts like Bonnaroo feature more than just music, because they celebrate the arts in general. If this […]