Jul 19, 2014

Implied Consent and Breathalyzer Tests

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When you are stopped for an alleged drunk driving charge, one of the first things the police officer asks you to do is to submit to a Breathalyzer (or Alco-Sensor) test. The question comes up constantly: Am I required to take the test, and what are the consequences of refusing?

The short answer is no: […]

Jul 8, 2014

In Tennessee, a DUI Requires a Motor Vehicle

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In certain parts of the country, you can receive a DUI / DWI for operating any kind of vehicle – including a bicycle. In Tennessee, however, DUIs are exclusive to motorized vehicles. This includes:

Riding a lawnmower

Riding a motorcycle

Riding a moped

Driving a car or truck

Riding a scooter

Driving an ATV

Driving a golf cart

So while having too […]

Jun 26, 2014

Supreme Court Rules Warrant Required to Search Cell Phones

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On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of new privacy laws, requiring police officers and law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant before searching criminal suspects’ cell phones or other small electronic devices. The unanimous 9-0 vote of the justices ruled smart phones and other electronic devices are not in the same category […]

Jun 25, 2014

Tennessee Requires Ignition Interlock Devices for All DUI Offenders

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In 2013, a drunk driver killed Tennessee Titans player Delanie Walker’s aunt and uncle. So, it’s no surprise that he was front and center at a press conference singing the praises of Tennessee’s new ignition interlock device law. The new Tennessee law that went into effect on July 1, 2013 allows DUI offenders a […]

Jun 24, 2014

Simple Assault v. Aggravated Assault

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When the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation put together its last report, they discovered that 57% of all crimes in Tennessee are committed against property. Theft and fraud top the list, though vandalism and arson make appearances as well. But from an individual standpoint, there were more cases of assault and aggravated assault than any […]

Jun 4, 2014

When Frat-House Pranks and Toga Parties Go Horribly Wrong

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Ah, college – a time for fun and freedom, with a little learning thrown in. For a lot of young men and women, college seems like a fun stop on the way to the “real” world of 9 to 5 jobs and utility bills. Whether you’re a UT Volunteer in Knoxville or a Blue […]

May 16, 2014

Happy about the Undisclosed Rape Law? You Can Thank a Policeman.

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Let’s get this out in the open: we know that criminal defense lawyers can sometimes appear a bit, well, harsh on Tennessee police. The police are in the habit of seeking punishment for the accused, while we’re in the business of seeking justice in the courts. It can seem like the two are at […]

Apr 22, 2014

For the Family of Holly Bobo, an End May Be in Sight

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If you spent more than five minutes in Tennessee since 2011, you’re familiar with Holly Bobo. A young, vivacious nursing student from a small town in Henderson County, Holly was abducted almost three years ago. Now the worst fears of her friends and family have been confirmed.

Then last week, a turn of events: police […]

Apr 15, 2014

Tennessee is Number One – And it’s Not Good

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The reports are out from the Federal government, and Tennessee hasn’t fared so well. Our great state is number one, alright – number one in violent crimes. Turns out, the Volunteer State hasn’t been doing such a great job living up to its charitable name.

According to the report, Tennessee ranks highest in the areas […]

Apr 9, 2014

Drug Bust in West Tennessee Yields Drug Crime Charges Against Nine

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In early January, multiple law enforcement agencies joined together to arrest nine men and women who were “smurfing” — purchasing pseudoephedrine products in order to manufacture methamphetamine. The individuals in question now face charges ranging from possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia to promotion of methamphetamine manufacture and felony evading arrest.

If you […]